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Plan a Wedding With Less Stress

Wrangle wedding costs into a neat and tidy spending plan. 

Weddings Have Lots of Financial Details

Ring the bells, string the streamers, you’re getting married! Whether you’ve been planning for years or just want a simple ceremony, you want a day to remember.

They want how much to cut a slice of cake?! Pile that on top of a life-changing moment, family dynamics, and you’ve got a recipe for stress.

You Need a Budget—We All Do!

Create a clear spending plan to keep wedding costs under control and organized. Not only that, but you’ll have a decision-making tool for the 14,203 choices you’ll be making along the way.

We Paid Cash for Our Wedding

Before they married in February 2016, Mat and Emily had amassed $56,000 in credit card and student loan debt—and they had a wedding to pay for! See how they slashed through both huge expenses while working for churches, all in 16 months.

  • We Paid Off $56K and Paid For Our Wedding in Cash!

    Finances are now a positive thing in our relationship, instead of a source of stress.”

    -Mat and Emily

Here’s How It Works

  • 1. Create a YNAB Budget

    Make a list of wedding expenses and a plan for your wedding funds.

  • 2. Prioritize Your Money

    Use your budget to make informed spending decisions on wedding costs.

  • 3. Get Married!

    Don’t stress about money during your big day and enjoy happily ever after financial bliss.

Enjoy Your Big Day Without Stress Over the Price Tag

Start your life together on strong financial footings. You can try YNAB free for 34 days. No credit card required.

Our Top Articles on Budgeting for a Wedding

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  • 4 Steps to Plan a Wedding Budget

    We’ve got a few tips to help you plan a day that you’ll remember fondly for years to come … without wreaking havoc on your finances.

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