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Getting Started

  • Get Started with YNAB

    Not sure where to begin? Build your YNAB budget with expert step-by-step guidance from a real, live YNAB teacher. By the end of the session, you’ll have a properly formatted budget with your expenses listed, spending targets set, and every dollar is given a job. You’ll leave with a working budget and the confidence knowing your budget is set up for success.

  • Maintaining Your Budget

    You’ve built your budget, but now what? A YNAB teacher will show you how to use your budget in your day-to-day life and how to make it as effective as possible. We’ll cover adding transactions, rolling with overspending, and efficient routines to make the best use of your time in the budget. Learn the fast-track path to effective budgeting habits so you can use YNAB as a wealth-building tool and reach your goals faster.

Debt & Credit Cards

  • Manage Credit Cards and Eliminate Your Debt

    Ready to knock out that debt once and for all? Our expert teachers will walk you through how to set up a plan to eliminate that dark cloud of debt from your life with practical, tangible steps. Yes, really, it’s possible! We’ll show you the best (and wisest) way to handle credit cards in your budget and, ultimately, how to eliminate all of the stress and uncertainty they can bring.

Building Savings

  • Level Up Your Savings

    Wondering where all your money goes? Our YNAB teachers will give you tools to become a star saver and build a pile of cash. We’ll walk you through how to set up savings targets, how to handle your savings account in YNAB, and how to save without feeling restricted. Put these learnings into practice and you’ll be a month ahead of your expenses and will have broken the paycheck to paycheck cycle once and for all. Ready to level up?


What are the Live Q&As like?

  • Personal


    Get practical, hands-on instruction, alongside just a dozen or so other aspiring budgeters.

  • Focused


    Designed around targeted subject matter, you can dive in wherever makes the most sense for you.

  • Interactive


    Ask live questions and interact directly with an expert teacher, invested in your success.

  • Quick


    No need for a huge time commitment. Drop in whenever you like!

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