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Stop Fighting About Money For Good

Talking about money doesn’t have to mean stress and tension in your relationship. A budget helps you get on the same page with what you want out of life.

Budgeting with a Partner

Doing Money Together is Messy

No matter how you slice it: whether you join everything, combine nothing, or meet somewhere in the middle—it gets complicated when there’s more than one person making financial decisions. You’ve got different backgrounds, different spending habits, and different priorities. You might just assume money will always be a problem between the two of you.

What if you could take the tension out of managing money together?

Experience Less Money Stress

It’s easier to talk about money when you’re both looking at the same view with a budget. No more “bad cop” patrolling spending, because the budget puts you on the same team. That means you can reach your big shared goals—faster.

Think a budget is restrictive? Think again. The budget ensures there’s money there for both your shared priorities (first house!) and individual priorities (a new VR headset or the entire throw pillow collection from Target).

You can get on the same page, together.

Feel the money stress fizzle out of your relationship.

  • Budgeting Together Has Been Life-Changing

    YNAB has allowed us to experience a peace around money that I don’t think I ever thought was possible. ”

    —Laura and Matthew YNABers since 2018
  • We Went from Paycheck to Paycheck to Debt Free

    My wife and I went from living paycheck to paycheck to now on the road to becoming debt free and saving money towards fostering/adopting, all thanks to YNAB.”

    —Liz & Annie YNABers since 2018
  • We’re In Sync to Tackle Big Life-Changing Challenges

    Using YNAB helped us communicate better, make plans together, and tackle big life–changing challenges.”

    —Mell & Val YNABers since 2013
  • Budgeting Together is Actually Kind of Fun

    Our YNAB journey together has kept us both focused on our individual and joint goals. It’s given us something to get excited about and look forward to. ”

    —Michelle & Kimran YNABers since 2019

Get a simplified look at the expenses you share.

No matter how you organize your accounts, a budget gives you a clear, real-time look at managing your money together.

  • Joint Budget Account

    Budget With Shared Accounts

    We’ll show you how to maintain a sense of autonomy within your shared budget.

    Learn More
  • Separate Accounts

    Budget With Separate Accounts

    See how to manage your joint expenses while keeping your financial independence.

    Learn More
  • Joint and Separate Accounts

    Budget With Hybrid Accounts

    Have a mixed setup of both shared and separate accounts? That works in YNAB, too.

    Learn More

What’s Your Pain Point? We Can Help!

  • Help! My partner and I have different priorities!

    When they want one thing and you want another, it can feel like you’ll never see eye to eye—let alone line up your money accordingly. Learn more about building autonomy into your budget and finding a common direction.
  • Help! My partner doesn’t want to budget!

    It can be hard to feel like you’re dragging your partner along in your budgeting endeavor, but know you’re not alone—many couples struggle with a “silent” partner. We’ve gotten many a reluctant partner on board—here are our top tips to have you both involved.
  • Help! They spend, I save (or vice versa)!

    Does your skin crawl when yet another package arrives at your doorstep? Or are you on the receiving end of the judgey glare when the Amazon truck pulls up? What’s a spender and saver to do? We’ve got answers that’ll help both parties have their cake and eat it too.

Practical Tools For Budgeting Together

  • Ask Questions

    84 Questions

    Check out these questions to help define you and your partner’s budgeting priorities and better understand each other’s needs.

    Read More
  • Budgeting Workshops

    Take A Free Class

    Our always-friendly teachers can show you the step-by-step mechanics of setting up your budget for your specific situation.

    Sign Up
  • Budgeting Together Email Course

    Crash Course

    Seven emails, seven days: hear success stories from people in your shoes and learn how to start getting in sync with your financial goals.

  • Set a Budgeting Date

    Make It A Date

    Ready to take your finances to the next level? Here’s how to have better conversations with your partner about money.

    Watch Now

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Build More Margin and Stress Less

You don’t have to keep living like this. Add a mental and financial margin to your life with a YNAB budget. Try YNAB free, no commitment required. What do you have to lose? (Other than all that debt and stress, of course…)